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Maddox DuPont

Maddox DuPont

KMADD Founder, CEO & Artisic Director for MAD Agency

Maddox DuPont is one of the original founders and face behind KMADD. Maddox started creating in Second Life® in 2006, working as a stylist and photographer under MAD Studio & MADesings. In 2007, Maddox met Kirk Claymore and together they created KMADD Enterprise. Back then, KMADD Enterprise comprised of MAD Agency, MADesigns and KMADD City (which was the first male fashion only sim in Second Life). Today, their brand is known simply as KMADD.   Maddox has worked as a content creator for KMADD for the past 8 years as well as a DJ and Art Director for MAD Agency and stylist for a number of fashion magazines over the years. His work has appeared in Elle Magazine (China) and in numerous Second Life® publications and fashion events.


This is the new product by KMADD launched in November 2013 @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair. KMADD Moda offers clothing and accessories for men and women.


Shop KMADD Moda on Marketplace.

Award-winning KMADD Avatars are some of the most sought after avatars in Second Life worn by models, SLebrities and Real Life Celebrities who have visited Second Life over the years. This is the original product by KMADD. Maddox DuPont has been making shapes under the brand of MADesigns since 2006.


Today, KMADD’s  collection comprises of both Male & Female:

  • Complete Avatars
  • Premium Shapes
  • Limited Edition Avatars


Visit KMADD Products Page for detailed information on our Avatar Collection and all products offered by KMADD.

We do not make shapes, we create people
Maddox DuPont
KMADD Hair specializes in quality short men’s hair, unisex hawk punk styles and fine female couture hair. No prim was spared in creating fashionable, everyday styles that are versatile to suit any occasion.


Over 200 styles available for both men and women.


Visit KMADD Main Store and be spoiled for choice.

With KMADD Tattoos you can achieve a look that is uniquely yours. KMADD offers wide range of tintable hair bases and tattoos/make-ups worn by both men and women.


Unlimited customization options are only one click away – Teleport to KMADD.

In Second Life, eyes are the life for an avatar ~ it is where soul of one’s avatar radiates from. Although eyes are a very small detail they can break or make your look. KMADD Eyes travel the fine line between hand crafted and realism in an attempt to capture what is human and real. KMADD eyes can perfectly match various light conditions, express mood, helping you show emotion. KMADD collection that comprises of nearly 600 eyes, varies greatly in texture and our extensive color selection will allow you to successfully match our eyes to any outfit.


With KMADD eyes others will forget that you are made of pixels and so will you.


Join KMADD Subscribo Group (located at the landing point of our main store) and receive eyes from EVERY COLLECTION.

KMADD Eyes… Eyes you will fall in love with
Thalia Jie
With great poses your avatar can express attitude and make you truly come to life in a virtual environment. Poses can be used in modeling, photo shoots for your product, AOs or as part of your photographic studio essentials. KMADD offers poses for both men and women predominantly focused on model poses.


Check out our Attitude, Smoke, Muscle, Runway and Pockets pose collections by visiting KMADD Store.

MAD Agency is a boutique model management company that provides top models & style services to photographers, advertisers, designers and production companies in Second Life.


Visit MAD Agency Fashion Shows page and see what our clients have to say.

Would you like MAD Agency to produce your next fashion show? Contact us.


We take pride in our creations and will endeavor to deliver exceptional customer service to each and every one of our customers. If you got feedback or questions, need help with our products, feel free to IM Maddox DuPont directly in-world or use contact form on this website.